If there is ever a chance a robot being can ever take on the dark, diabolical side mindset of human nature, then Ultron would be its lord and master. Created by Dr. Henry Pym Antman” as extension of what should have been the best in human intelligence and capabilities first appearing in Avengers #54 1968 and created by writer Roy Thomas and artist John Buscema , Ultron rebelled into the darkest of places and feeds upon the worse that one can inflict upon others. Taking on various monikers, Ultron proves that evil can exist outside of the human factor.

Capable of mesmerizing and controlling humans to his whim, Ultron capitalizes on the natural hatred and vulnerabilities of humans and super heroes for their ultimate demise. As part of his extreme plan,Ultron uses both foes of the Avengers as well as the Avenger’s butler Jarvis as an inside source to the super heroes mansion to attack from the inside.Ultron also created the android “Vision” to destroy the Avenger’s but failed to do so, being Vision rebelled, and turned on him by becoming a loyal Avenger.

As in human nature the need to perpetuate one’s self has Ultron creating an army of warriors that will carry out his orders as well as a prospective son to carry on his legacy. Unfortunately, it was not to come to pass, at least this time around.
In the meantime, Ultron begins assembling his army of androids with the intellect and diabolical mindset as their master. Because Ultron is forever evolving, and developing himself, building on former prototypes to enhance his strength, and flight maneuverability, his ability to tap into any computer data base just adds to his tactical expertise.Ultron’s vulnerability lies in his internal components that are prone to viral attacks, and component failures.Ultron continues to evolve to become the supreme robotic master motherboard of an army of robots destined to fulfill the prophecy to destroy all humans. Ultron’s main enemies are The Avenger’s, and seems to resurrect himself on numerous occasion. The Most recent and anticipated will be The Age Of Ultron that will be released in April of 2013.


The character Ultron initially appeared as an unnamed character in a cameo in The Avengers #54 (1968), with a first full appearance in Avengers #55 (1968).


The visual appearance and powers of the character have varied, but common powers include superhuman levels of strength, speed, stamina, durability, and reflexes; flight at subsonic speeds; and various offensive weapons such as concussive blasts of energy fired from its optical sensors or hands and an “encephalo-ray”, which places victims into a deathlike coma. The latter ray also allows Ultron to mesmerize and mind-control victims, or implant subliminal hypnotic commands within their minds to be enacted at a later time. Ultron also has the ability to convert electromagnetic radiation into electrical energy for use or storage. Ultron has a genius intellect, a capacity for creative intelligence and self-repair, superhuman cybernetic analytical capabilities, and the ability to process information and make calculations with superhuman speed and accuracy. The character is an expert roboticist and strategist.


Although Ultron first appears in Avengers #54 (1968), the character is disguised for the majority of the issue as the “Crimson Cowl”, with his face only revealed on the last page of the issue and no name given to the character. The character leads the Masters of Evil against the Avengers, having hypnotized Edwin Jarvis into working for him. In the following issue Avengers #55 (August 1968), the character is identified as Ultron-5, The Living Automaton.


Ultron is an arch-nemesis to Antman and the Avengers.


Ultron typically has no allies and operates by himself.

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