The Avengers is a team of superheroes, including Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Captain America who gathered together in order to stop the brother of Thor, called Loki who wanted to overpower the entire human race in the recent movie. The first comics with the same name appeared in 1963 and it consisted of  Thor, Hulk, Wasp, Iron Man and Ant- Man,the original Avengers.

 Captain America‘s real name is Steve Rogers. When he grew up he was injected a serum, “an experiment” which had transformed him into a super soldier. The serum was combined with vita-rays to stabilize the effects of the serum in the body. In the meantime, a spy killed Dr. Erskine before the doctor could write down the formula of the super soldier serum. That’s how Steve Rogers later became Captain America.

Note: In 2010 the second part of this comics appeared, including some new members of the team.Iron Man is one of the original  members of The Avengers. The real name of this character is Anthony Edward Stark who spent his childhood without his father who was “cold” and always away. However, Iron Man has a brilliant mind and was an unusual child.

At the age of seventeen his parents died because they got into an accident with their car. A few years later the boy became the new CEO of his father’s company. Tony Stark had a business trip to Afghanistan where he almost got killed and that changed his life turning him into a superhero.Although there are different versions of his origin over the years.

Hulk’s real name is Robert Bruce Banner and he was a scientist, but the US government recruited him for experimenting with gamma radiation in the army.Unfortunately he was accidentally exposed to gamma radiation, and that turned him into the Hulk. They wanted to use the Hulk as a weapon, and Banner refused.General Ross then turned on Banner, and the Hulk.The Hulk is a superhero who is extremely strong but unfortunately not so clever. Becoming a enraged monster he once injured his girlfriend – Dr Elizabeth Ross “Betty”.

Thor is prince of Asgard, and also god of thunder. His relatives in the comics are Odin – his father, Frigga – his mother and Loki – his adopted brother who turned out to be one of the arch enemies of The Avengers team.The brothers grew up together and Thor did not know that his brother was adopted. During his childhood, Thor wanted to impress his father and to prove he can be a fearless warrior.

Nick Fury is the person who gathers the superheroes together. S.H.I.E.L.D.’s mission is to save the world from potential dangers. Nick Fury often asks Iron Man to help him in executing his duties to protect the earth.

All in all, The Avengers is an incredible team of superheroes who join their forces in order to save the world from Thor’s adopted brother Loki in the latest movie: Avengers.

Loki-The Villain  Loki was born as a Frost Giant. His father – died when Loki was an infant and Odin accepted him as his own child. Throughout Loki’s childhood, the boy was always competing with his brother who turned out to be stronger than him. However, Loki was very good at controlling dark arts and sorcery. The adopted son of Odin has supernatural strength, stamina and durability. Although he looks smaller, his body has superhuman tissue which makes hundreds of pounds heavier than he seems to be. Besides all that, he has the ability of recovering his body tissues immediately after being injured, making him almost invincible.

There are many more superheros to join The Avengers, like Black widow, and Hawkeye who are in the movie,and not included here, but they have there own solo articles on this website.Other Avengers are the Black Panther, The Falcon ,Wonderman, Vision,Ms Marvel just to name a few.


The team made its debut in The Avengers #1 (cover-dated Sept. 1963), created by writer-editor Stan Lee and artist/co-plotter Jack Kirby.


The Avengers is among the strongest teams in the Marvel Universe, known to fight cosmic threats on a regular basis. Their powers vary, with street-level warriors like Captain America to planet-busters like The Incredible Hulk.


When the Asgardian god Loki seeks revenge against his brother Thor, his machinations unwittingly lead teenager Rick Jones to collect Ant-Man (Hank Pym), the Wasp and Iron Man to help Thor and the Hulk, the latter of whom Loki used as a pawn. After the group vanquished Loki, Ant-Man stated that the five worked well together and suggested they form a team; the Wasp named the group Avengers.


The Avengers has fought almost every villainous organization in Marvel.


The Fantastic Four, X-Men

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