Superman is the last survivor of his home planet, Krypton. At a very young age, he was sent to Earth in a rocket ship by his father Jor-El, who was under the impression that the planet was about to explode. He landed in the town of Smallville and was then taken in by Jonathan and Martha Kent, and they named him Clark Kent not knowing his real name Kal-El.

As he grew up, Clark slowly he had super powers, harnessed from the Solar System’s yellow sun. Superman discovered that he had super strength, superspeed, flight and super senses. Superman is weak against kryptonite radiation, coming from rocks that originally were pieces of his planet.  Knowing full well that he was meant for bigger things, Superman left his town of Smallville and winded up in the city of Metropolis. Of course, being a super hero, Superman decided to use his super powers to fight crime and be a force of good in Metropolis.

Before Superman became a super hero, he enrolled in Metropolis University where he majored in Journalism. He got the name Superman from reporter Lois Lane, who he ended up actually working with at the Daily Planet, a newspaper. While Kent was waiting for an interview with the Daily Planet, he watched a NASA event where a space plane was landing. But then a small plane crashed into the space plane and Superman used his superpowers to catch the falling plane with his super speed, and brought the plane safely on the ground before he flew away. Finally the world had seen him as a superhero but no one had put the connection together that Superman was Clark Kent. He went back to his home town of Smallville and asked his earth parents what he should do. His father, Jon Kent, told him that he should have a costume as the identity of Superman, influenced by the mystery men of the Justice Society.

After that Superman became a force of good in the world, and even influenced other superheroes to come forward. Superman, along with Batman and Wonder Woman, started the Justice League, and many others joined thereafter. Arguably, Superman’s arch enemy was Lex Luthor. Lex Luthor owned the much of Metropolis until Superman came and got him arrested, but not for long. Once he got out of jail he decided to do all he could to humiliate, discredit, and even kill Superman every chance he got.

Over the span of a decade, Superman worked closely with the Justice League, and was a spokesperson for the Metahuman Community. Superman has the most powerful and dangerous enemies in comics such as: Darkseid, Solomon Grundy, Bizzaro, and Doomsday who mortally wounded him.


The character was created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster, and first appeared in the comic book Action Comics #1 (cover-dated June 1938 and published April 18, 1938).


The catalog of Superman’s abilities and his strength has varied considerably over the vast body of Superman fiction released since 1938.

Since Action Comics #1 (1938), Superman has superhuman strength. The cover of Action Comics #1 shows him effortlessly lifting a car over his head. Another classic feat of strength on Superman’s part is breaking steel chains. In some stories, he is strong enough to shift the orbits of planets and crush coal into diamond with his hands.

Since Action Comics #1 (1938), Superman has a highly durable body, invulnerable for most practical purposes. At the very least, bullets bounce harmlessly off his body. In some stories, such as Kingdom Come, not even a nuclear bomb can harm him.

In some stories, Superman is said to project an aura that renders invulnerable any tight-fitting clothes he wears, and hence his costume is as durable as he is despite being made of common cloth. This concept was first introduced in Man of Steel #1 (1986). In other stories, Superman’s costume is made out of exotic materials that are as tough as he is.


Superman is born Kal-El on the alien planet Krypton. His parents, Jor-El and Lara become aware of Krypton’s impending destruction and Jor-El begins constructing a spacecraft to carry Kal-El to Earth. During Krypton’s last moments, Jor-El places young Kal-El in the spacecraft and launches it. Jor-El and Lara die as the spacecraft barely escapes Krypton’s fate. The explosion transforms planetary debris into kryptonite, a radioactive substance that is lethal to superpowered (as by Earth’s yellow sun) Kryptonians.

The spacecraft lands in the rural United States, where it is found by a passing motorist. Jonathan and Martha Kent adopt Kal-El and name him Clark Kent. As Clark grows up on Earth, he and his adoptive parents discover that he has superhuman powers. The Kents teach Clark to use these powers responsibly to help others and fight crime.


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