Each person has an inner and outer personality, sometimes they complement each other. Sometimes they can be in conflict. This is especially true for the Hulks.
A strong willed primal human nature triggered by unnatural energy exposure, and experimentation and the aggressive trained modern warrior; General Thunder Bolt” Ross becomes another casualty of the Hulks as the Red Hulk , tricked into an experiment by the Leader, and Modok promising to resurrect his daughter back from radiation poisoning,bent on destroying both the first known Hulk, Banner’s Green Hulk, while battling his own inner demons as well as humans, other Hulks, and super beings who stand in the Red Hulk’s way, including gods.

The Red Hulk does follow in the steps of the Green Hulk that his strength increases with the amount of adrenaline and anger that is produced at the time. The difference is that the Red Hulk truly amplifies the color spectrum of anger and fury by becoming redder in color (this is primarily due to the various radiation spectrum, and their residue resulting from the first exposure). Although radiating both in heat, and radiation emissions, the Red Hulk can also absorb these sources making the Red Hulk’s abilities limitless. As with most experimentation, long term effects of anything has yet to present itself.The Red Hulk is one of Marvel’s most powerful beings, and has many battles with the most powerful.

With the ultimate goal of being the supreme warrior with the goal of there is no such thing as second best, and taking no prisoners, mentality the Red Hulk’s aim is to ensure that Green or any other Hulks except Red She Hulk his daughter Betty Ross” are eliminated.The Red Hulk’s other enemies are: Thor, She Hulk, Avengers.The Red Hulk’s identity is known to only a few, and is a fairly new character in Marvel comics starting in 2008.


Thunderbolt Ross first appeared in The Incredible Hulk #1 (May 1962) and was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby as a nemesis for the Hulk. Red Hulk began appearing as a regular character in Avengers vol. 4, from issue #7 (January 2011) through its final issue #34 (January 2013). His popularity resulted in him being used as a main character in the 2012 Thunderbolts series by Daniel Way and Steve Dillon.


Marvel editor Mark Paniccia described the Red Hulk as “absolutely uninhibited, tactically intelligent”, while writer Jeph Loeb said “The Red Hulk is the kind of Hulk we haven’t seen before—a thinking, calculating, brutal weapon-toting kind of Hulk.” To further distance the character away from the original: “Everything the Green Hulk isn’t, the Red Hulk is. Except, of course, for his powers which are identical. And he looks the same, except he’s red. And he’s the same size. But other than that, they’re complete opposites.” The character has abilities almost identical to those of the Hulk. The character can also emit heat at will from his eyes during non-enraged periods and can augment power levels by absorbing various types of energy, such as gamma radiation and the Power Cosmic.


Ross is the Air Force general in charge of Bruce Banner’s gamma bomb project. His daughter, Betty, takes a liking to the young scientist, deepening Ross’ dislike for the “weakling”. After Banner’s transformation into the Hulk, Ross spends years chasing the monster, becoming obsessed enough to commit treason by allying himself with the Leader, MODOK, and the Abomination to destroy the Hulk.


The Red Hulk is an antagonist to the Hulk.


Thunderbolt Ross is the father of Red She-Hulk. He is affiliated with the US Air Force, together with the Hulkbusters, Offenders, and the Thunderbolts.

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