Loki (Loki Laufeyson) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by writer Stan Lee, screenwriter Larry Lieber, and cartoonist Jack Kirby, a version of the character first appeared in Venus # 6 (August 1949). The modern incarnation of Loki first appeared in Journey into Mystery # 85 (October 1962). He is the adopted brother and often the enemy of the superhero Thor. Loki is based on the Norse deity of the same name and is sometimes described as an antihero.

Loki has appeared in several ongoing series, limited series, and alternate reality series, including his own 4-issue series Loki (2004). He was the main character of Journey into Mystery from issues 622 to 645, and appeared in new issues of Young Avengers in 2013. He began appearing in his solo series Loki: Agent of Asgard in 2014 and again in 2016 with Vote Loki. The character also appeared in associated Marvel merchandise, including animated television series, clothing, toys, video games, and movies.

Loki first appeared on Venus # 6 (August 1949), where he was one of the gods who were exiled in the Underworld.

But his first Marvel appearance as a supervillain was in Journey into Mystery # 85 (October 1962), where Loki was reintroduced by Stan Lee and Larry Lieber, and redesigned by Jack Kirby.

As one of Thor’s archenemies, Loki has appeared frequently in Thor-related titles such as Journey into Mystery and Thor, as well as other Marvel Universe titles such as The Avengers and X-Men. 3 In addition to brief appearances in the Spider-Man and Defenders comic series. It starred in two miniseries Loki four issues in 2004 and 2010.




Created by writer Stan Lee, scripter Larry Lieber and penciller Jack Kirby, a version of the character first appeared in Venus #6 (August 1949). The modern-day incarnation of Loki first appeared in Journey into Mystery #85 (October 1962).


Loki is a member of the race of Frost Giants of Jotunheim, although not a giant in stature. He possesses physical attributes equal to a fit member of his race, such as enhanced strength, stamina (their Frost Giant metabolism grants him superhuman levels of physical stamina in practically all activities), speed, durability enough to withstand high-caliber bullets without harm, and immunity to all known diseases and toxins, as well as resistance to magic and aging.

Loki possesses genius-level intelligence and has extensive training in magic, and possesses the ability to manipulate magical forces for a variety of purposes: energy projection, creation of force fields, temporarily increasing his own physical capabilities, granting superhuman abilities to living beings or inanimate objects, flight, hypnosis, illusion casting and inter-dimensional teleportation.


Many years ago, when Bor, ruler of Asgard, was battling frost giants, he followed a wounded giant to a powerful sorcerer that was waiting for him. The sorcerer caught him unaware, turning Bor into snow. Bor’s son, Odin, found his father as he was blowing away; Bor begged Odin to find a sorcerer to free him, but Odin made no attempt to save his father. Bor cursed Odin saying that he would take in the son of a fallen king and raise it as his own. Not a week later, Odin himself led the Asgardians into battle against the Frost Giants and killed Laufey, who was the King, in personal combat.


Loki is the primary antagonist of Thor.


His usual allies include The Enchantress and The Executioner. He is affiliated with Acts of Vengeance, Astonishing Avengers, Cabal, and the Young Avengers.

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