Green Goblin was created on July 1964 by writer Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko and debuted in The Amazing Spiderman #14 He was Norman Osborn. He was a brilliant student in Science but his family was abusive and he was even locked up in a dark mansion in one incident and from then on, he was haunted by Green, Goblin-like creature.His father was an industrialist like him.

He appeared first in The Amazing Spiderman. His identity was Norman Osborn, the head of Oscorp, the father of Spiderman’s best friend Harry Osborn. The latter took the serum (Goblin formula) that drove him into insanity. His appearance was like Halloween, dressed in a goblin costume and rode on his “Goblin Glider” that was bat-shaped.

Green Goblin earned superhuman abilities like strength, agility, speed, dexterity and stamina as well as intellect because of the serum. Green Goblin’s powers also include high-tech arsenal weapons, “Pumpkin Bombs” grenade-like, assassination skills, flying-and-fighting skills and super-adaptive. Green Goblin’s archenemy was Spiderman (Peter Parker).Green Goblin is obsessed with hurting Spiderman and his loved ones because he knows he’s Peter Parker, at one time he threw Gwen Stacy (Peter’s girl friend) off the Brooklyn bridge.She was killed instantly when the sudden impact of stopping, broke her neck from Spiderman trying to save her, which was one of the saddest moments in comics.

Green Goblin as Norman Osborn was a workaholic father who just sent his son money and material possessions. He was also emotionally abusive. In his breakthrough of the Goblin formula, Green Goblin experimented it on himself and turned himself into a madman, wherein he fell into his own demise. The Green Goblin character appeared in books and stories such as Thunderbolts, Secret Invasion, Dark Reign and others.Norman Osborn was the more popular Green Goblin than his son, and it one of the most recognizable super villains today.Norman later manufactured an armored suit, and became the Iron Patriot, but that’s another story.


The character was created by writer-editor Stan Lee and writer-artist Steve Ditko, and first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #14 (cover dated July 1964) as the original and most well-known incarnation of Green Goblin.


Norman Osborn was turned into the Green Goblin by a chemical solution he had devised based upon a formula originally conceived by Professor Mendel Stromm. The process granted Osborn superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, and stamina as well as a low-level rapid healing factor. In addition to these physical advantages, the serum also greatly enhanced Norman’s already-above average intellect, making him a bona fide genius capable of making breakthroughs in advanced areas of genetics, robotics, engineering, physics and applied chemistry.


Norman was born in New Haven, Connecticut as the son of wealthy industrialist Amberson Osborn. Amberson, a brilliant student in the fields of science, became an alcoholic after losing control of a manufacturing company and fortune, and became physically abusive toward the family. Hoping to gain more control of Oscorp Industries, Osborn accused Stromm of embezzlement and has his partner arrested and shares in his company sold to him. Searching his former mentor’s possessions, Norman discovers an experimental strength/intelligence enhancement formula, but in attempting to create the serum, it turns green and explodes in his face. The accident greatly increases his intelligence and physical abilities as intended, but also has the side-effect of driving him into self-destructive insanity, just like his father from years ago.[


The Green Goblin is the arch-enemy of Spider-Man.


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