Galactus, is a character made by Stan Lee. The character belongs to the line of super villains ,and is a God-like character, an owner of all kind of powers. Galactus, the demi-god like character takes power from energy and life forces, living on this planet and others by devouring them.

Galactus is the only survivor of the environment that used to exist before the Big Bang. Galactus was born billions of years before on a planet called Taa. Taa was a technologically advanced world, rather more advance than any other universe. Galactus saw the light of the day when the Big Bang was approaching towards his universe. Galactus was the only scientist in his universe who informed the people living in Taa about the approaching doom over there and on the entire universe. Galactus could understand it from the changes taking place in the surroundings of his universe. Tyrants are only enemy of Galactus such as Thanos and the Skrulls.  Though Galactus is supervillain character, he only takes what he needs. However, Tyrants always have an urge to dominate and conquer.

Galactus himself created the Tyrants, but when he came to know about their nature, he reduced their power and size. The Silver Surfer was at one time his herald, and opposed Galactus with the Fantastic 4 to save Earth from his destruction, and was herald to Galactus no more. Thor also had some battles with him as well. Nova “Frankie Raye” a young teen girl from Earth with powers like that of The Human Torch became one of Galactus’ most loyal heralds. There are different versions of this through out the years.


Galactus was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and first appeared in the comic book Fantastic Four #48, published in March 1966.


Galactus can utilize a force known as the Power Cosmic to perform feats, which have included universal cosmic awareness, telepathy, telekinesis, energy projection; size alteration; transmutation of matter; teleportation of objects across space, creation of force fields and interdimensional portals; creation of life, resurrection, manipulating souls, memories and emotions, and mass-scale events such as recreating dead worlds in every detail (including illusions of their entire populations) and destroying multiple solar systems simultaneously.


Galactus was originally the explorer Galan of the planet Taa, which existed in the prime pre-Big Bang universe. When an unknown cosmic cataclysm gradually begins killing off all of the other life in his universe, Galan and other survivors leave Taa on a spacecraft and are engulfed in the Big Crunch. Galan, however, does not die: after bonding with the Sentience of the Universe, he changes and gestates for billions of years in an egg made of the debris of his ship that the current universe formed after the Big Bang. He emerges as Galactus, and though a Watcher observed Galactus’s birth and recognizes his destructive nature, the Watcher chooses not to kill Galactus.


Galactus is a cosmic being who clashes with many enemies, mainly Earth’s heroes like the Fantastic Four.


Galactus has no real allies, being a cosmic god. He has his heralds, which includes Silver Surfer.

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