Fantastic 4 is a superhero team of comic characters with a team of 4 astronauts: Mr. FantasticInvisible WomanHuman Torch and The Thing who gained superpowers after exposure to cosmic radiation and they use such powers to oppose the plans of their biggest enemy Dr. Victor Von Doom.

Fantastic 4 can be considered as the world’s greatest superheroes that fight villains, and their ultimate arch rival Dr. Doom. It can be said that no team can be as fantastic as these super heroes when it comes to saving the Universe. Thus, the Fantastic 4 it is a full-on entertaining  with adventures, thrills, magic, and lots more.

The story of the Fantastic 4 is actually formed when the 4 astronauts have been bombarded during the test flight of the outer space via storm of the cosmic rays. However, the 4 astronauts discovered that they have been transferred with newer abilities upon the crash. This is the time that they have discovered bizarre power among them and therefore, decided on utilizing the powers for good of the Universe, ”the Fantastic 4“.

Mr. Fantastic – Reed Richards is the leader of Fantastic 4 and is really fantastic by nature as well. He might be just one of the smartest persons on this planet. This guy has power for stretching his neck, torso and limbs to incredible lengths. He finds that his other teammates are dependent on him for direction, and leadership. Though sometimes, his inventions have led to the problems for all the Fantastic 4 superheroes ,but at the end of the day, his intentions with his devices have proved fruitful to save the world.

Invisible Woman – Named as Susan Storm and wife of Reed. She has the strong personality of the Fantastic 4 to hold all the members on the team together. She is clever, strong-willed, and level-headed as well. Moreover, she is diplomatic than the others, and looks for peaceful solutions when others are on a fight. Her power lies in making things invisible, and formidable member in the team, and able to put up very powerful force fields.

Human Torch – Named Johnny Storm and younger brother of Susan. He is the most unpredictable member of the Fantastic 4. Though his sister tries to keep him away from trouble, he actually ends up there exactly. he is a living flame and a world class pyrokinetic.

The Thing – His original name is Ben Grimm, best friend and college roommate of Reed. He possesses enormous superhuman durability, and strength. His face literally scares people but he is not a monster. He has single handedly protected the city many times.

The Fantastic 4 do not conceal their identities, which means the public does not always know how to react around them, being both in awe, and suspicious at the same time. The Fantastic 4 have, as a result, became celebrities rather than being able to live normal lives outside of being the Fantastic 4. The Fantastic 4 team have frequent arguments, and often disagree on how to handle situations, and were described as “heroes with hangups” by creator Stan Lee. However, despite the very human range of emotions, and reactions, the Fantastic 4 do function very well and effective as a team.

Other enemies of the Fantastic 4 are The MolemanSilver Surfer at one time, and the Skrulls.


The group debuted in Fantastic Four #1 (cover dated Nov. 1961), which helped to usher in a new level of realism in the medium. The Fantastic Four was the first superhero team created by artist/co-plotter Jack Kirby and editor/co-plotter Stan Lee, who developed a collaborative approach to creating comics with this title that they would use from then on.


The Fantastic Four is formed after four civilian astronauts are exposed to cosmic rays during an unauthorized outer space test flight in an experimental rocket ship designed by Dr. Reed Richards. Reed received the ability to stretch, while Susan Storm had the power to become invisible and create barriers. Johnny Storm became the Human Torch, who can control flames, while Ben Grimm became The Thing, a rock-like powerhouse.


The Fantastic Four is formed after four civilian astronauts are exposed to cosmic rays during an unauthorized outer space test flight in an experimental rocket ship designed by Dr. Reed Richards, Pilot Ben Grimm and crew-members Susan Storm and her brother Johnny Storm survive an emergency crash-landing in a field on Earth. Upon exiting the rocket, the four discover they have developed incredible superpowers, and decide to use these powers to help others.


The Fantastic Four has a multitude of rogues. These include Galactus, the Silver Surfer, the Mandarin, Annihilation, and more.


The Fantastic Four has allied with all Marvel hero groups at least once.

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