Brainiac is a fictional supervillain appearing in comic books published by DC Comics . Created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino , the character debuted in Action Comics # 242 in July 1958. He is generally depicted as an alien android who serves as one of Superman’s greatest enemies and a frequent adversary of the League of Laws. justice . Brainiac is known for shrinking and stealing Kandor , the capital of Superman’s homeworld of Krypton. , and is even responsible for the destruction of Krypton in some continuities.

First appearing in Action Comics # 242 (July 1958), Brainiac is a bald, green-skinned humanoid who comes to Earth and shrinks various cities, including Metropolis , and stores them in bottles with the intention of using them to restore the planet. which then has no name. He ruled. It was originally notable only for having reduced the Kandor City bottle with its contracting beam and for using a force field.

In later appearances in this early period, Brainiac was used primarily as a plot device and not as a featured villain of the month. Brainiac’s next appearance was mostly behind the scenes, when he attempted to kill Lois Lane and Lana Lang , prompting Superman to give Lois and Lana superpowers. But the villain remained invisible, except as a plot twist at the end of the story. Brainiac’s next appearance was on “Superman’s Return to Krypton” in Superman.# 141 (November 1960), in which the villain stole the bottle city of Kandor, the only city on Krypton that believes Jor-El’s warning of doom for the planet, and that he had already built a space ark within the city to save the population Brainiac # 275 (April 1961), which showed the villain planning to defeat Superman, exposing him to both red and green kryptonite , giving him a third eye on the back of his head, forcing him to to wear several hats to hide it. Superman soon defeated Brainiac and sent him to a distant past. This was the first ever appearance of Brainiac’s iconic red diode / electrode objects on his head, which had previously appeared on the cover of his first appearance inAction Comics. # 242 (July 1958), but they were not shown in the actual story. In “Superboy” # 106 (July 1963), a boy Superman meets Brainiac, and it is explained that Brainiac looks the same due to his 200-year lifespan. It is revealed that he came from a planet called Bryak and, after a journey in space, he returned to find everyone killed by a plague. He intended to get people from other planets (in reduced cities to expand with his growth ray) to repopulate Bryak, where he would rule them.




Created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino, the character debuted in Action Comics #242 in July 1958.


Brainiac’s most consistent power (endemic to all versions) is his “twelfth-level intellect”, allowing calculation abilities, enhanced memory and advanced understanding of mechanical engineering, bio-engineering, physics, and other theoretical and applied sciences, as well as extensive knowledge of various alien technologies. For comparison, the population of 20th century Earth as a whole constitutes a sixth-level intelligence and the population of 31st century Earth as a whole is a ninth-level intelligence. 


The first Brainiac/Kandor comic book story in Action Comics #242 (July 1958) was based on a story arc in the Superman comic strip from April through August 1958. In the comic strip story, Superman’s foe was named Romado, who traveled the cosmos with an alien white monkey named Koko, shrinking major cities and keeping them in glass jars. The strip’s Kryptonian bottled city was named Dur-El-Va. 


Brainiac is among the many arch-nemesis of Superman.


Brainiac typically likes to operate alone. Among his few affiliations include the Anti-Justice League and the Legion of Doom.

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