Bizarrois a strange character, created by Otto Binder and George Papp and first appeared in Superboy #68 in 1958.There are several versions of Bizarro in DC Comics and in all of them he looks like Superman in a strange costume with an odd behavior. He has  chalky – white skin and the total opposite way of thinking to Superman. Most times Bizarro is one of Superman’s biggest enemies.Bizarro has the intelligence of a young child which makes him funny at times.

Bizarro first appears when Superboy was transformed by a duplicate ray. Lex Luther also recreated Bizarro years later an he relocates himself on to a cubical planet, called Htrae “Bizarro World” where everything goes under the Bizarro’s backward logic. This means on that planet it is the opposite of earth, good means bad and bad means good. Bizarro has the same powers as Superboy but some are the opposite such as Freeze Vision and no negative effects from Green Kryptonite. However Blue Kryptonite does have negative effects and can be fatal to Bizarro.Bizarro also joined the Secrete Society Of Super Villains for a short period of time.

In 1986 there was a crisis in the Infinite Earths and as a result of this the planet Htrae is eliminated. Then 2 Bizarro character appear on the stage, one of which is created by Lex Luthor. The second Bizarro character is the Joker’s idea. This the more long-lasting version of Bizarro.

Although, there are many versions of Bizarro, all of them are Superman’s enemies.Bizarro is one of Superman’s most popular villains, and at times fights by his side.His home planet Htrae is actually earth spelled backwards.


Bizarro debuted in Superboy #68 (cover-dated October 1958, but on sale in August), writer Otto Binder casting the character as a Frankenstein’s monster pastiche that possessed all the powers of Superboy.


Bizarro is depicted as having all the abilities of Superman, although these traits are reversed, such as,

“freeze vision” instead of heat vision, “flame breath” instead of freeze breath, “vacuum breath” instead of super breath, “Bizarro telescopic vision” which allows, Bizarro to see a “short distance behind his head” rather than a “long distance in front of his head”, “Bizarro microscopic vision” which makes objects “actually smaller to everyone” rather than merely “appear to be bigger to only the user”, “Bizarro X-ray vision” which allows Bizarro to “only see through lead” rather than the ability to “see through anything except lead”, “Telescopic X-ray vision” which caused Bizarro to shoot x-rays from his eyes from “fifty miles around”.


After the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths, Lex Luthor orders his scientific team to create a clone of Superman. Incorrectly starting from the assumption that Superman is a human with metahuman abilities (his alien origin had not yet been revealed), the process results in a flawed copy, which Luthor dismissively refers to as “…this bizarre – Oh, forget it”, before ordering for the subject to be disposed of. The clone survives and, although mute and possessed of only limited intelligence and vague memories of Clark Kent’s life, attempts to mimic Superman.


Bizarro is a frequent enemy of Superman and the Justice League.


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