Bane is one of the Batman’s toughest enemies. Bane was created by Chuck Dixon, Graham Nolan and Doug Moench for the “Knightfall” storyline. Bane is powered by a machine on his back that injects his body with venom, thus making him one of Batman’s most intelligent, and physically powerful foes. Bane is best known as the villain who broke Batman, because in “Knightfall” he broke Batman’s spine.

Bane was born in a prison to serve the life sentence of his father, so Bane’s entire childhood, and adulthood was spent in the Peña Duro, an infamous prison in Santa Prisca. Although Bane is in prison, he develops extraordinary skills. Bane reads as much books as he can, he trains extra hard in the prison gym and he learns to fight mercilessly. Even being in prison, Bane has found all kinds of teachers ranging from convicts to elderly Jesuit priests. Bane killed his first victim at the age of 8, for trying to get information out of him about the prison.

While in prison Bane always carried a teddy bear with him called Osito. Bane thinks of Osito as his only friend, although he uses Osito to carry his knife inside a hole in his back. Eventually Bane becomes the King of Peña Duro. The guards see this and force him to become a test subject for a new drug called Venom. At first the drug nearly killed him, but afterwards he uses it to gain extreme physical strength. The down side is that Bane has to take it every 12 hours, because if he doesn’t, he will suffer the side effects of the drug.


Created by Chuck Dixon, Doug Moench, and Graham Nolan, he made his debut in Batman: Vengeance of Bane #1 (January 1993).


Bane is highly intelligent; in Bane of the Demon, Ra’s al Ghul says that Bane “has a mind equal to the greatest he has known” (although he dismisses Bane’s abilities as the cunning of an animal rather than the cultured, trained intellect of Batman). His strength gives him more ways to go against Batman. Bane has shown to be capable of lifting 15 tons. Although Bane had sworn off using Venom in Vengeance of Bane II in 1995, and his character is actually written as having kept that promise to himself, it is still not uncommon for artists to draw Bane as still wearing the tube leading from his old wrist device to the back of his head, as well as almost all media adaptations of the character, show him actively using the Venom compound.


Bane’s origin story is established in the story “Knightfall”. His father, Edmund Dorrance (better known as King Snake), had been a revolutionary who had escaped Santa Prisca’s court system. The corrupt government decreed that his young son would serve out the man’s life sentence, and thus Bane spent his childhood and early adult life in prison.

Although he was imprisoned, his natural abilities allowed him to develop extraordinary skills within the prison’s walls. He read as many books as he could get his hands on, spent most of his spare time body building in the prison’s gym, developed his own form of meditation, and learned to fight in the merciless school of prison life. Because of the cultural and supposed geographical location of Santa Prisca, Bane knew how to speak English, Spanish, Portuguese and Latin. Despite his circumstances, he found teachers of various sorts during his incarceration, ranging from hardened convicts to an elderly Jesuit priest, under whose tutelage he apparently received a classical education.


Bane is among the rogues of Batman.


Bane likes to team up with other villains, which includes the Suicide Squad, Secret Society of Super Villains, Secret Six, The League of Assassins, and the Legion of Doom

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